Wycombe cabbies stage strike action at council

Hackney cabbies stage strike action at council

HACKNEY taxi drivers are on strike this morning after staging a sit in at Wycombe District Council’s offices.

About 25 Hackney cab drivers marched into the council’s Queen Victoria Road HQ in High Wycombe in dispute over working and licensing arrangements.

Wycombe Private Hire Trade Association spokesman Zia Ullah said it had not been approached by the Hackney trade prior to the strike action but said the association is “sympathetic” to their cause.

The association staged a mass walk in to the council earlier this year in similar circumstances and it has not ruled out further strike action.

He said: “There wasn’t an approach to the association and we’re not actively backing it – but we share similar concerns and are certainly sympathetic to Hackney drivers.

“Our own relationship with the council is very up and down, I don’t think it will ever be easy, but following our walk in we had a number of meetings to move the relationship forward.

“We have been working together with the council and on a positive note; we are forging ahead and have outlined an action plan for the coming year, which is the way it should be for the trade, the  council and the town.

“But if there are still concerns from the Hackney trade and they make a formal approach to us [over a united strike] we would listen.”

Hackney drivers are expected to return to the town centre taxi ranks at lunchtime. Private hire firms are operating normally.

source: http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/

Newport Consultation

Dear Sirs,

I write to inform you that Newport City Council is currently consulting on its Taxi licensing policies, The aim of the proposed policies is to promote public safety in the use of “Taxis” and to ensure that the public have reasonable access to “Taxi” services.

As such the Council invites the taxi trade / members of the public and responsible authorities to make representations in writing regarding the proposed changes by the 20th October 2011. A copy of the revised policies and conditions can be viewed on the Council licensing web site www.newport.gov.uk/licensing and selecting the taxi section Continue reading “Newport Consultation”

New rules in Norwich could cut number of black cabs

The number of black cabs allowed to operate in Norwich could be cut by tightening rules on what age vehicles can be used and bygetting them to comply with an exhaust emissions standard.

Taxi drivers claim there are too many black cabs in the city and say it is making it hard for them to make a living.

There are currently 217 licensed black cabs in the city, but the Norwich Hackney Trade Association has called on the council to restrict the number that can be allowed.

Norwich City Council’s licensing committee will discuss their request at a meeting on Thursday.

Councillors at the meeting are being recommended not to determine a maximum number of licences that should be granted.

But they are also urged to consider an alternative to placing a restriction on the number of hackney carriage licences issued by the council by changing the existing hackney carriage licence conditions or vehicle specification.

For example, the specification could be changed so all vehicles have to meet a certain exhaust emissions standard.

This would tie in with European Union directives in respect of normal cars that require all new vehicles to be compliant with relevant standards by a certain date.

And the licensing conditions could be changed in respect of the age of vehicles. The current conditions are that, on licensing, the age of the vehicle shall not exceed five years unless it’s been passed as being in exceptionally good condition.

And the condition, in respect of how long the vehicle can be licensed, is that the age of the vehicle shall not exceed 10 years unless it’s in exceptionally good condition.

Steve Royal, secretary of the Norwich Hackney Trade Association, said: “If the council does agree to bring in those conditions that may resolve the issue. It could well do, but we will have to wait and see what happens at next week’s meeting. Anything that is going to reduce the number of black cabs in Norwich has got to be welcomed.”

Fares for Hackney carriages, which are the taxis you can ‘flag down’ at a taxi rank or off the street, are set by the city council.

The city council also licences private hire vehicles, which have to be pre-booked.

There are 335 private hire vehicles in Norwich, but they are not part of the review.

source: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/


Dear Sir/Madam,
As many of you will know, the Department has been drawing up a guidance note about what services it considers should, and should not, be licensed as private hire vehicles (PHVs).
A draft version of the guidance note is attached and we are seeking your views on it.

We have deliberately set this up as an informal information-gathering exercise rather than a full-scale public consultation exercise because the subject matter is of a relatively limited nature. However, if you know of an organisation which is not included in the attached list and which does have an interest in which vehicles should and should not be licensed as PHVs, please feel free to pass it on to them.

I would be grateful if you could send us your comments by using the attached pro-forma.

The deadline for comments is Friday 25th March 2011.

Please send your comments to me at the top of this letter.

Once we have received all your comments we shall consider them and prepare a final version of the guidance note for publication.

Yours faithfully,

The Department for Transport



110301 PHV Guidance Note consultation draft

110301 PHV guidance note covering letter

110301 PHV response proforma

Proposals to amend Driving Licence Standards for Vision, Diabetes and Epilepsy

Date published: 03 February 2011

Closing date: 28 April 2011


This consultation is being issued for comments on changes to the minimum standards for vision, diabetes and epilepsy in relation to driving. Driver licensing in Great Britain (GB) is carried out by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and in Northern Ireland (NI) by Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). This document relates to licensing standards across the United Kingdom (UK); any reference to DVLA applies to DVA.

This document seeks views on changes to the medical standards for vision, diabetes and epilepsy.

Proposals to amend Driving Licence Standards for Vision, Diabetes and Epilepsy Annex III to Directive 91/439/EEC
Annex A Impact Assessment for proposals to amend Driving Licence Standards for Vision
Annex A Impact Assessment for proposals to amend Driving Licence Standards for Diabetes
Annex A Impact Assessment for proposals to amend Driving Licence Standards for Epilepsy