The National Taxi Association

The National Taxi Association (NTA) is the association which grew from the ashes of the National Federation of Taxicab Associations (NFTA) which ceased to exist in 1996. In June 1997 the National Taxi Association was formed by the associations who were founder members of the National Federation.

Since formation, the National Taxi Association has become a body which is well respected by Statutory Authorities, and is consulted on all aspects of taxi legislation in England and Wales.

The finances of the Association are sound and are in surplus. These funds are created from members’ subscriptions and are used solely for the benefit of members in communicating their thoughts to statutory bodies.

It is also the purpose to copy information to members as soon as it becomes available, and to assist members by transference of information between associations.


The objectives of the National Taxi Association contained in the Articles are as follows:

  • in keeping with the highest standards of service to the general public, with the purpose that each of its members may earn a deserved success through his efforts within this industry, the objectives of this association shall be to carry on important activities in the common interest of all its members, to cultivate acquaintance, fellowship, co-operation, goodwill and a professional spirit among them;
  • to facilitate the exchange of ideas and methods;
  • to recognise and honour their exceptional services and achievements;

And, as it may affect their interests,

  • to further the efficiency of service to the general public;
  • to promote the study of the service;
  • to aid in the maintenance;
  • to advise in the enactment of just, equitable and constructive legislation;
  • to foster the continuity of the Association;
  • to assist its members in all and every way possible;
  • to encourage the development of younger members;
  • to gather, organise, keep on file and diffuse useful information;
  • to facilitate research in all functions of the licensed hackney carriage business and to acquire and maintain all pertinent material thereto;
  • to conduct Annual General, Special General and General Committee Meetings for its members.

And through proper operation of this Association and integration of the creative forces and its command, to act or co-act with others, and especially with Local Authorities and National Government in the improvement of the economic, social and civic values of the licensed hackney carriage trade; to protect the vested interests of its members; and to secure the living standard and welfare of all who are engaged in the industry.


The strength of Association representation in Westminster was confirmed by the following successes:

The amending of the 1985 Transport Act to permit Local Authorities some direction in limiting the number of Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licences they issue

The introduction of Clause 46 of the Road Traffic Bill allowing the vetting of all new applicants for Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Licences

National Taxi Association representations on certain Department of Transport Working Parties

In recent times many Local Licensing Authorities have placed Mandatory Orders on the Taxi Trade, that is to say operators may use only purpose built taxis. The National Taxi Association, through its membership, have helped substantially to finance an appeal to the Crown Court against such Mandatory orders

The National Taxi Association is continuing this work by actively pursuing a two tier licensing system for our members through EEC Member states and the United Kingdom Government

Executive Members are currently represented on Government working parties


The National Taxi Association is funded entirely from subscriptions.


The National Taxi Association is affiliated to no political, religious or other grouping and includes within its Membership operators from all political parties and other sections. The Federation has, over the years, been very active in seeking changes in legislation, for the benefit of all its Members

National Taxi Association Head Office is located in CarlisleĀ  Tel: 01228 598740 Fax:01228 598740.

National Taxi Association Annual Conference

The National Taxi Association Annual Conference is held in October each year in differing locations – region by region.

The Conference programme allows the opportunity for not only the Members, but also the Government, Elected Members, Officials and others connected with the taxi trade to discuss matters of joint interest.