Uber driver suspended for offering terrified passenger free ride if she ‘went for a drink with him’

Vicki Trigg says the cabbie took her phone out of her hand and called his own number, insisting he would pick her up after dropping her off at the Manchester Arena

An Uber driver who allegedly offered a terrified passenger a free ride if she ‘went for a drink with him’ and told her he ‘liked sex’ has been suspended.

Vicki Trigg left the taxi terrified after the cabbie, who said he was married, told her he had been ‘waiting for her’ after dropping her off at the Manchester Arena earlier in the evening.

She claimed she was ‘extremely uncomfortable’ when he made inappropriate comments and badgered her to go out with him, the Manchester Evening News reports .

Vicki, 24, said the driver repeatedly asked if she would be his friend – and said he would ‘pester’ her until she gave in and went for a drink.

She was dropped off by the Uber driver ahead of the Muse concert last Friday, April 8.

Vicki says he took her phone out of her hand and called his own number, insisting he would pick her up after the show.

Before Vicki had even left the arena, she says the driver bombarded her with messages wanting to collect her and take her back to her car three miles away at her work.

He then allegedly told her intimate details about his personal life – and that he wanted a girlfriend even though he was married.

Vicki claims that when they arrived where her car was parked, he stopped the taxi and turned the engine off before offering her cigarettes. She says he told her she didn’t have to pay the fare – and that she could ‘pay him back’ if they went out together.

Vicki quickly left the taxi, blocked the driver’s number and complained to Uber. The firm have suspended him while they look into the ‘serious incident’.

Vicki, who works in animation, called for the driver to be sacked and added: “I’m a really outgoing person, I’ll talk with anyone. But this was odd. He was implying all sorts. He was going into a lot of detail about his personal life. He said he liked having sex with people.

“He asked me if I had a boyfriend, and when I said I did, he said I shouldn’t be tied down to one person as I was too young.

“He was laughing to himself. I was getting really scared. I felt like he wanted to be friends – but then something more.

“I was trying to be polite, but he wouldn’t leave it. It was so dodgy. His behaviour was inappropriate. It was my first and last Uber experience.”

When Vicki contacted Uber, bosses told her: “Your driver’s behaviour does not sound at all like the service you or I would expect.

“Your safety is our highest priority, so there is no room for this kind of behaviour on the Uber platform.”

An Uber spokesman told the Manchester Evening News: “Whenever there is a serious incident it’s our policy to suspend the partner-driver while we investigate. All drivers who use our app in the UK are fully licensed private hire drivers who have been through the local authority’s licensing process.

“This includes an enhanced DBS check – the same process black cab drivers, teachers and care workers have to go through. All trips carried out on the Uber platform must be pre-booked though the app.”

Vicki has reported the incident to police, who said no crime had been committed but urged anyone with concerns about taxi drivers in the future should contact them.

source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/