Minicab driver ‘forced 15-year-old girl who was regularly attacked by a gang of Asian men to perform a sex act on him in the back of his cab and then raped her when she tried to escape’

A minicab driver forced a 15-year-old girl to give him oral sex in the back of his cab and then raped her when she tried to leave, a jury heard today.

In a video interview played to the jury sitting on the trial of alleged sexual exploitation of young girls by a group of seven Asian men in Oxford, a woman told a detective how she was repeatedly abused by Assad Hussain.

The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the detective how on the first occasion Assad, now aged 35 years, drove the teenager to a dark lane before parking up and climbing into the back seat with her.

The panel of seven men and five women heard that he asked her if she had ever performed ‘jupa’ or oral sex and she said ‘yes.’

‘I felt that if I said no that I would be pressured. I just went along with it. He’s then given me a kiss and he’s got in the front and driven to the gates.

‘It was dark and about 10.30pm to 11pm at night’ said the girl.

‘There’s no street lights. He’s turned off the car lights. He’s then got back into the back with me and started kissing me,’

The young woman then told the interviewers in detail how she performed a sex act before being raped in the back of his minicab.

She was not, she said, on birth control and Hussain allegedly was not wearing a condom.

She described the man as being short, fat and greasy and told the officer that Assad, also known as Ash, smelled bad.

The woman alleging she was routinely raped and sexually abused by a group of Asian men over a period of almost 10 years also told a detective in a police interview how members of the gang introduced her to Class A drugs.

The same girl described how she would then smoke crack cocaine and heroin before performing oral sex.

She said when she was given heroin by defendant Naim Khan to ‘look after’ that she thought she was in a relationship with him.

In the footage played to the court she said: ‘He asked me to look after it because he said he couldn’t take it home. I had taken it for brownie points.

‘I was a girl seeing a man who was older and from what I thought he had a lot of money because he was able to buy loads of heroin. I saw him as a big gangster and he was trusting me with this.’

She then told the officer how in the second period of the abuse, when she was in her early 20s, that members of the group tracked her down in Oxford and threatened to kill her if she reported them to the police.

The jury heard how she threatened to report the men to police but was told by Akhtar Dogar he would kill her if she did. The pair were then picked up by Assad Hussain, who drove them out of Oxford, leaving her baby son with a friend.

She said: ‘Akhtar Dogar told me in no uncertain terms he would make sure that if I ever reported anything to the police that I couldn’t and wouldn’t because he would kill me.

She said that Hussain drove them to into the countryside outside of Oxford.

‘We got out the car and they walked me to an area where there was softer ground. It was muddy. He said there was a body.

‘And said this was where the last person who talked was. I thought I was going to die.’

Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC said: ‘The first girl described herself as dirty and ashamed. She felt a bit like a prostitute except she hadn’t agreed to it. She feared the repercussions of defying the group.

‘She had seen one girl punched so hard in the face by Akhtar Dogar that she fell motionless to the ground after stating that she wished to go home.

‘He delivered an upper cut blow to her face that caused her nose to bleed profusely. He then kicked her body a few times and left her on the floor.’

Mr Trimmer previously told the court: ‘This case concerns the sexual exploitation of two vulnerable girls by a group of males.’

Reading a statement by the alleged victim, who claims the abuse started in 1999 when she was just aged 15 years, he said: ‘She was at times scared and afraid but they made her feel like she was worth knowing, ‘I had something that these people were interested in. And for a young girl to have older men interested in her you can kind of turn a blind eye to the nasty sexual side.’

Aside from the alleged sexual abuse, some of the defendants face charges of threats to kill and giving the girls heroin and crack cocaine.

He added: ‘Both girls were simply used by these defendants for entertainment. They were enticed into a world where they were not equipped to deal with the real intentions of these offenders.

‘Once into the cycle of repeated abuse they had no ability, recognition or realistic means of extracting themselves from the activities.

‘Both were cynically used by men as a group. Using drink and drugs they established some sort of relationship. That introduction had the effect of ensuring control.

‘That control was reinforced by threats and involvement in shared criminal behaviour. Other men would be introduced and oral sex required.

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