London’s finest

Dear Sir/Madam,


On Friday 12th  February my daughter (Kim Briggs) was knocked over by a pedal cyclist in Old Street, London, sustaining a serious head injury. She was taken to the Royal London Hospital, and the prognosis was not good. I am sorry to say my daughter only lived for one week after the accident and died on Friday 19th February, as a result of catastrophic brain damage.

On Saturday 13th February I took a black cab from King’s Cross Station to The Royal London Hospital. The driver was a friendly guy, and on hearing why I was going to the hospital would not accept the tip I offered, and only added £1 to the cost of the ride. 

My daughter’s funeral took place on 11th  March at Sidcup in Kent.  This was followed by a celebration of her life, which took place in the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich.

At sometime between 22.00 and 22.15 my wife and I hailed a black cab to take us back to Lewisham. This driver was also a friendly guy and asked if we had been out to a party and celebrating. I of course told him what had happened to my daughter.

On reaching our destination in Boyne Road Lewisham the driver would not accept any payment, and asked that the money be added to the charities set up to benefit from what had happened. The charities concerned are as follows;


London Air Ambulance

Winston’s Wish (A charity that helps bereaved children)

The sympathy, kindness and compassion we was shown by the drivers was excellent and could not be faulted. I would like to thank them for the way they acted. Their attention and kindness was greatly appreciated. It  gives one the belief there are still good people out there, who are not out to rip you off. 

If possible, please ensure my thanks is passed on to your drivers.


Yours faithfully,


W.D. Johnston