Apr 08

Illegal parking on taxi rank in Manchester

illegal rankingLGMPA 1976_ Section 64

Prohibition of other vehicles on hackney carriage stands.

(1) No person shall cause or permit any vehicle other than a hackney carriage to wait on any stand for hackney carriages during any period for which that stand has been appointed, or is deemed to have been appointed, by a district council under the provisions of section 63 of this Act.

This is a criminal offence on the Level 3 scale. Maximum fine 1000 pounds.

This vehicle was snapped today 8 April at 14.40 hours. It is first car on Windmill Street (G Mex) rank.

This is either ignorance or worse arrogance. However it is still an absolute offence.

To make matters worse, in the Licensing Units accounts for the year ended 2010. The Taxi trade were charged over 6.600 pounds for vehicle hire.

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