May 27

Cabbies cry ‘no’ to tie policy

Cabbies are vowing to go to war over new dress rules to smarten up the town’s image for Olympic visitors.

Taxi drivers in Slough will be told to clean up their act during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a new Slough Borough Council code of conduct.

The guidelines include a shirt and tie, trousers and shoes, a ban on eating or drinking in cars and strict rules on any talk of a sexual nature.

Paramjit Badial, chairman of the Slough Taxi Driver’s Association, said: “All our drivers are totally opposed to wearing ties.”

The association has 103 members, all Hackney Carriage drivers. He added: “We’re not private hire – we don’t know the details of passengers getting into our taxis. We don’t know who we are picking up and somebody can strangle you by a tie.”

Representatives from the association will voice their concerns when the code is discussed at a licensing committee meeting on Wednesday. Mick Sims, Slough Borough Council licensing manager, said: “Slough will be having a massive increase in visitors in the area. The transport system will have a lot of work and outside business coming into the town.

“We want to give the best possible image we can for Slough and make sure drivers are dressed respectably.”

The code of conduct will apply to Hackney Carriage and private hire drivers and operators between July 27 and September 9.

Mr Badial consulted with members about the changes and added: “Most of the rules are in our own guidelines. We are happy with the dress code, but just not ties – we are bitterly opposed to that for safety reasons.”

A letter informing all vehicle licence holders and drivers of the new conduct rules will be sent out after the meeting.

Source; http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/

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