The National Taxi Association (NTA) has partnered up with a specialist in emissions-busting fuel additives to support members in drastically cutting their toxic fumes.

Private hire and Hackney cab drivers are under mounting pressure to reduce their dangerous emissions, especially those operating in designated Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

To support members, the NTA has secured a discount of 30% off Cataclean, which can reduce emissions by up to 60%, following testing of the product with cabs in Liverpool.

Four separate tests with seven of the city’s Hackney cabs collectively driving over 500,000 miles a year were carried out by Unite the Union Liverpool taxi branch between March and July to see how much deadly gas could be cut by adding it to the tank every six weeks.

Levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) came down by 28%, while carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (Co2) and hydrocarbons were cut by up to 70%.

Crucially, after the taxi testing in Liverpool, drivers reported their MPG improved by 2-3p per mile, saving the average driver driving 4,000 miles a month around £850 per year.

The testing supports the NHS-backed Let’s Clear the Air Liverpool campaign, which aims to improve the city’s air quality after it was branded one of five Clean Air Zones in the UK. Unite the Union is now encouraging its taxi driver members to use Cataclean as part of their regular vehicle maintenance.

Manchester-based NTA chairman Paul Brent said he was keen to secure a member discount with Cataclean after a personal test-drive produced “incredible” results.

“My TX2 taxi had failed its MOT on emissions, which was disappointing, and I added Cataclean’s diesel fuel treatment before the next MOT test to ¼ tank of fuel, drove for 20kms and filled up,” he said. “Two days later, I passed the test with flying colours, showing an incredible improvement down to 0.55.

“We know our members are feeling the pressure to bring down their emissions and I thoroughly recommend they add a 500ml bottle of Cataclean to their vehicles at every 10,000 mile service. Doing this, they can bring down their dangerous emissions, help their vehicle run cleaner, improve overall performance and fuel economy and ensure there are no expensive problems caused by DPF blockages.”

Mike Harrison from Cataclean said: “We hope the discount makes a difference to both private hire and Hackney cab drivers, particularly those who are facing the added expense of paying to drive in Clean Air Zones, which can make it expensive for a taxi to operate.”

Cataclean differs from other products of its type in that it cleans, restores and protects the entire engine, fuel and exhaust system, blitzing resin and carbon deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, DPF, catalytic converter and exhaust. Long term use protects against build-ups and clogging to prevent failure of engines and exhaust systems.

NTA members can take advantage of the 30% discount which can be purchased at all branches of Euro Car Parts. To qualify for the discount, you will need to show your NTA membership card.
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