Innerleithen taxi fare dodger ordered to do unpaid work

The southern reporter reports that a 42-year-old man has been ordered to carry out 60 hours’ unpaid work for hiring a taxi between Galashiels and Innerleithen but not paying the £25 fare. Kevin Wilkinson pleaded guilty to committing that offence near his home in Caddon Court, Innerleithen, on May 31.

Procurator Graham Fraser told Selkirk Sheriff Court that Wilkinson asked a taxi driver to take him the 12-mile journey to Innerleithen, saying he was meeting a friend who would give him the money for the £25 fare.

He added: “Inevitably, it did not happen, and the taxi driver lost out on £25.”

Sheriff Euan Edmont told Wilkinson: “I hope you are not proud of this. Quite clearly, you planned this against someone who was just going about their work.”

Wilkinson’s unpaid work is to be carried out over the next six months as an alternative to custody.

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