People power forces U-turn over taxi stances at The Open

The Evening Telegraph reports that People power has forced a U-turn over taxi stances for The Open Championship next month.

Angus Council’s civic licensing committee previously considered a proposal to suspend Carnoustie’s sole rank in favour of temporary space along Links Avenue.

However, an angry backlash from locals has resulted in a rethink.

Objectors raised concerns about disruption to elderly residents, littering and the danger of additional traffic in the area.

The barrage of complaints has led to a new proposal, which now includes the former Kinloch School site, bounded on the east by Links Avenue and on the north by Dundee Street.

Under the previous plan, Links Avenue would have been reduced to one-way traffic for the duration of the event, between July 18-22.

The scheme would have involved two spaces for dropping off and picking up disabled passengers, two holding ranks for approximately 11 vehicles and one rank at the north end of Links Avenue for four vehicles.

Under the new plans, only taxis travelling from east to west along Dundee Street will be permitted to enter the Kinloch School site, which will be controlled by temporary traffic regulations.

Council officers have suggested taxis will be permitted to enter the school grounds to drop off passengers, or to wait at stances to the north and east of the site.

Taxis will be able to pick up fares from the pedestrian access on to Links Avenue and will be directed out of the site via Dundee Street.

Taxi marshals will be present at peak times.