Rebuilding trust in Rotherham taxi trade

TODAY marks the deadline for most taxis in Rotherham to have CCTV equipment fitted.

Rotherham Borough Council commissioner Mary Ney said the policy sets a standard among the highest in the country.

A raft of measures have been introduced to rebuild trust in Rotherham’s taxi industry, which was criticised in the Jay report.

Other changes inlcude a ‘fit and proper’ person test, child safeguarding classes, English and maths tests and more stringent vehicle regulations.

Ms Ney, who has overseen the new policy, said: “Rotherham Council is committed to providing a professional and safe transport service.

“Our aim is to make Rotherham licensed drivers, operators and vehicles of the best quality.

“Ask for a Rotherham driver when you book your taxi and you will know your driver has met our high expectations.

“The regulations will ensure the safety of all those who use local taxis, rebuild trust and confidence in an industry which employs many local people whilst supporting drivers to do their job.”

Cameras must be activated whenever the vehicle is being used as a taxi. Audio footage must be taken when carrying children — and can be activated by any customer at any time.

Drivers will not have access to footage. Where 2016 renewal dates fall after July 6, CCTV must be installed when the driver next renews.

If you believe a driver is not abiding by the new rules, report your concern at