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Oct 28

Taxi drivers seek decision on capping numbers

Two taxi drivers have hit out at Falkirk Council for not making a decision on capping taxi numbers. The local authority ordered an independent expert to report on demand for taxis to decide if councillors should cap the number of licences handed out. The council paid half the cost with the taxi trade picking up …

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Oct 25

Dundee City council agrees survey to set taxi limit

Dundee City Council is to commission a survey to set a limit on the number of taxis in the city, while 60% of cabs are to be made wheelchair accessible. The licensing committee says it has agreed a range of recommendations so the city is not swamped by more taxis than the market can support …

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Sep 16

Chorley to retain numbers control on taxis

Chorley’s railway station and hospital could be set to get taxi ranks. Councillors are to investigate the idea following a study. They have also decided to keep the current limit of 36 hackney carriages in the town. Two other proposals rejected were: To issue any number of additional plates as is seen fit, either in …

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Sep 01

Dublins Taxi ranks

To those that may be concerned about this, in particular those in the Irish Department of Transport, and especially taxi drivers/owners around Europe. On Friday 14th of April 2011 I went to work at about eight a.m. At 3 pm I had earned thirty three euro. Thats not unusual, it is very rapidly becoming the …

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Aug 31

Council plan could kill off local taxi firms, claim

TAXI drivers are fearing for the future of their businesses due to proposals which could see increased competition on Burton’s roads. East Staffordshire Borough Council is planning to remove the limit on the number of Hackney carriages allowed in Burton, which is likely to mean less custom for the town’s current firms. In a further …

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Aug 28

Wolverhampton taxi drivers oppose plans for more cabs

Taxi drivers in Wolverhampton have taken part in a go-slow protest over plans that could see the number of cabs in the city increase. Parminder Sekhon, from Wolverhampton Taxi Owners Association, said: “The point we’re trying to make is this is what will happen if they issue more licences.” Wolverhampton City Council said people had …

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Aug 22

Wolverhampton: Go-slow protest over black cab plan

Taxi drivers are planning a go-slow protest through Wolverhampton to oppose council proposals to bring more black cabs into the city. Council bosses say they have received complaints that there are not enough taxis available, particularly at weekends and in the evenings. But drivers are disputing this, saying that taxi numbers have shot up in …

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Aug 15

Solution found in bitter dispute over increase in taxi numbers

TAXI drivers have struck a deal with a council after taking High Court action over the number of vehicles which would be allowed to operate across vast swathes of the Yorkshire Dales. The drivers obtained an injunction in March to prevent Richmondshire District Council deregulating the licences it issued to cabs and sought a judicial …

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Jun 17

Council sticks to ‘hail and ride’ cab limit of 283 in Southampton

THERE will be no increase in taxis on Southampton’s city streets – after cabbies said more competition would ruin their livelihoods. Cabbies, who complained to councillors about already overflowing ranks from a lack of work, feared even more taxis will make it even harder for them to make ends meet. Councillors agreed to follow the …

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Jun 05

Cabbies gear up for fight over Newcastle’s taxi limit

CABBIES are urging a council to maintain its limit on the number of taxis allowed in a town centre after claims any increase will further damage trade. Newcastle Borough Council is carrying out a consultation ahead of proposals to scrap its current cap on the Hackney carriages. The authority is considering the changes after a …

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