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Jun 08

Cabbies’ fury as fares dive at start of Central Gateway revamp work

Taxi drivers fear proposals for a new pedestrianised square could compound problems caused by Sunday’s blocking of the Central Station portico Diners and drinkers could soon enjoy cafe culture near Newcastle’s Diamond Strip if council plans for a new pedestrianised square go ahead. At the eastern end of the multi-million pound Central Gateway scheme, Westgate …

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Jun 06

Birmingham taxi drivers strike over station rank space

Some taxi drivers are striking over a “lack of spaces” for them near Birmingham’s New Street station. As part of the £600m station revamp, the taxi rank has been temporarily moved to Navigation Street, which drivers said had spaces for 11 cabs. Some drivers went on strike on Monday after drivers were fined for obstructing …

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Jun 01

Taxi drivers snubbed at Twickers

Taxi drivers who have campaigned for a rank near Twickenham stadium for several years, feel they have been shunned by the authorities that could provide one. Drivers working around Richmond and Twickenham want a rank near the stadium to cater for match days, as well as those who attend concerts, who may be younger or …

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May 29

Taxi group draws up alternative rank plans

Taxi drivers have drawn up their own proposals for a new rank amid fears that council-led plans could damage trade and even put some out of business. Initial plans show that Dacorum Borough Council is considering creating 21 taxi ranks that will be dotted across the borough. It is part of town centre regeneration plans …

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May 28

Clydebank taxi drivers annoyed

FRUSTRATED cabbies have insisted more and more Clydebank taxi drivers are facing the reality of being forced off the road. Currently only drivers working for Clydebank Taxis are allowed to pick up passengers from the taxi rank in the Coldstream North car park after entering into an exclusive deal with Helical Bar PLC, the owners …

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May 09

Taxi drivers’ fury as New Street Station rank has space for only 11 cabs

They have spent £600 million on this station, but I doubt £10 has been spent thinking about where the taxis are going to go” Taxi drivers claim the £600 million redevelopment of New Street Station has left them out in the cold – by forcing them to park hundreds of yards away from passengers. A …

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May 07

Taxi protest stops traffic

ANGRY cabbies fear their livelihoods are being put at risk by plans to alter the town’s busiest pick-up point. As of yesterday only drivers working for Clydebank Taxis will be allowed to pick up passengers from the taxi rank in the Coldstream North car park meaning other cabbies will be forced to pay an extra …

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May 02

It’s rank injustice, say Lanark taxi drivers

DON’T blame US for turning Lanark Bus Stance into a danger zone. That was the strong message this week from the town’s taxi trade as legal steps began to ban cabs and private cars from using the stance, with the aim of preventing a repeat of last summer’s tragedy when a 70-year-old man was knocked …

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Apr 24

Too many taxis in Cambridge

Fifty taxi drivers have been fined in a zero tolerance crackdown on ‘over-ranking’ in the middle of Cambridge. Police have targeted cabbies in St Andrew’s Street amid concerns that cars queuing beyond the end of the rank hold up buses and pose a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists. The 50 fines, of £30 each, were …

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Apr 22

Dundee taxi drivers threaten action over rank spaces

Taxi drivers have threatened to hold “rolling protests” in Dundee over rank spaces. The cabbies claim there are not enough city centre bays and the problem is costing them hires. Some cars have been parking at bus stops because there is not enough room in the ranks. Rising tensions between bus and taxi drivers has …

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